When careers are on the cusp. When a team needs new blood. We embrace it with purpose.

We are one of Queensland’s leading Talent specialists in Board, Executive & Management and Corporate Services recruitment. With unrivalled networks and significant recruitment expertise, we will support you on your career journey or alternatively help you build a better team.

C3Talent will be with you every step of the change journey.

Our story

CHANGE. It’s such a powerful thing. For some it evokes a crippling fear. To others it stirs and creates unbridled excitement. For at the heart of change is the dare to challenge. The birth of something  new. It’s the wide-eyed invigoration of discovery. A leap of faith into the great unknown.

Being an Agent of Change comes with the dogged ideal to bound forward. It’s the desire to chase greater, dream to reach higher and harness the beyond. It’s the mind to think the unimaginable, embrace different, find better and grow. We know change can be a mountain to climb. We understand it’s your story with a new chapter to be written.

As catalysts of change, we ensure you don’t walk the journey alone. We steer and guide change with a purposeful hand. We create the foundation that embraces thinking new and enables better. We help Clients and Talent alike write their own story and pen their next chapter. We are here to help you turn the page.

Make change to create impact.
Drive change to find purpose.
Create change to inspire greatness.

We are C3Talent – Agents of Change. 

Our history

C3Talent was established by Peter Murphy and Kelly Howard in 2018 after working for a decade together earlier in their careers. Peter, Kelly and the entire C3Talent team’s professional backgrounds, complementary skill sets and shared genuine desire to partner and support local businesses, drive them to find the right fit for you or your team. From the beginning, we have been driven by a shared philosophy to support and advise first, recruit second and always keep it human at heart.

Our detailed knowledge of the local market is backed by comprehensive search capabilities and an ability to find the right Talent for your team, not just the best Talent available at the time. We connect the right people with the right teams, so together you can build a better business.

We understand the importance we can make in someone’s life and on their career journey. We care about the people we work with and the decisions they make, not just for now but into the future. We are here to provide support and guidance.

With us, you are in safe hands. The entire C3Talent team are dedicated professionals with excellent networks and profound knowledge of our industry sectors. C3Talent helps make powerful change for many.

Our values

We are acutely aware of the impact we can make in People’s lives and we don’t ever lose sight of this. We are passionate about helping our connections find happiness, and we hold ourselves accountable to go above and beyond to make sure that happens.

We are open, warm, kind and approachable with no pretence—ever. We are about genuine connection, collaboration, open and regular communication and, when needed, we will have difficult conversations with empathy. We aim to create a safe space in every interaction.

We listen to find the right path—even if it’s not the usual. We are future-focused and proactive, we think outside the box and have the tenacity to keep asking the questions to find the solution. As a cohesive team, we embrace and respect ideas, foster constant collaboration and leverage our unique strengths. 

We ensure our advice is expert and founded in other’s needs, not fads. We remain savvy by continuously building our knowledge, sharing information and disrupting when necessary. We are extensively networked to ensure the right connections can be made.

We believe our Clients, Talent and our Team should live their best lives, and this fuels every interaction. We share success as well as the moments when things don’t go as planned. We are one for all and all for one and we recognise and truly see those around us, knowing we make a positive contribution to the lives of others.

Meet the C3Talent team

Our team is driven to find the right Talent for the right organisation, and help make change for the better.

Senior Talent Advisor

Senior Talent Advisor

senior Talent advisor

Talent Advisor
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Talent resourcer

Talent resourcer