The complete hiring process broken down

Hiring talent is a necessary and inevitable part of being a successful business leader today. If you have recruited, you will know that the hiring process is far more complicated than reading resumes and finding an interview time that suits you both.

Like all other things in business, having a clear, structured process in place controls the outcome and goes a long way to ensuring quality results.

So, let’s better understand the complete hiring process:

Create a performance profile to define what is required to be successful in the role

Hiring great talent starts with attracting the right talent. Standard job descriptions are usually maintained in a file so that it can be used over and over again when you need to recruit. But, these descriptions remain static for years and no longer reflect what you need in the role. If you cannot clearly define what you need, how can you recruit the right Talent into the role?

Hiring the right Talent starts with conducting a detailed analysis of what is required to be delivered in the role, it requires a ‘performance profile’ to be created. This is best described as reverse engineering the job description. It focuses on the key challenges of the role and what success will look like in the future. It succinctly articulates the – KPI’s, timeframes for key deliverables and even may set out how this role will interact with other employees. The greater clarity you have of what you want to achieve the greater success you will have during your recruitment process – instead of falling back onto the standard ‘must have 6 years of relevant experience’ description. The time Talent has spent in previous roles is never a good indicator of what they can achieve or will deliver for your business. Businesses that focus solely on this ‘face value’ are missing the most important predictors of a great employee.

You must place an emphasis on culture, mission and values of the company to avoid making a bad hire. Focus on what your business can do for potential employees instead of the other way round. You will find that you will attract candidates who fit your needs better. It also helps you to target people who are the right cultural fit for the role and the company as a whole, and who are excited by the challenges and growth opportunities in your position.

What you need to know if you are going through an agency

Every role is different. Sometimes you are under enormous pressure to fill a role in a short time frame, leading to a recruitment error. If this is the case, consider engaging with a recruitment agency, who is in the market each day to increase your chances of success when recruiting.

When working with a recruitment agency, make sure you do your homework and choose them wisely. Work with an agency that specialises in the area you need to recruit in. Niche agencies are always well connected with technical knowledge. They will quickly comprehend and grasp the needs of businesses due to the relevant industry knowledge.

It is important you meet the recruiter who will be handling your talent acquisition strategy. Invite them into your office as a first step so they can get a better understanding of how your business works and the culture you have built.

A lot of talent attraction is solely aimed at just attracting a number of applicants. The majority of this Talent will not be a good match for your role. You engage with a specialist recruiter to sort through the quantity and provide you with top-quality Talent. Using a recruitment agency means that you only see Talent who has been assessed and filtered to match your criteria.

Pitfalls to be aware of, if you are hiring yourself

Using a recruitment agency or choosing to manage your hiring process in-house is completely your decision. For some businesses, choosing to conduct a recruitment process in-house makes sense as you control the entire process. But be warned, if you are choosing to grow your employer brand, there are a few pitfalls that could seriously damage your reputation and often innocently occur.

It may be a poorly written job description, a lack of communication from you throughout the process, or not advising them they are unsuccessful.

This will not only sabotage your talent acquisition process, but will also cause brand damage in the market.

The best approach is to treat your candidates as a potential customer. Your recruitment strategy is another sales and marketing funnel. If you received a high-quality lead, would you wait all week to reach out? Then don’t do it for quality Talent, provide them with a positive, consistent journey throughout their engagement with you.

How to manage the interview process in the final stages

Often during the hiring process, businesses only focus on whether the Talent is technically strong and has a certain level of experience. Instead, you should be concentrating on assessing traits and skills that are vital to success in this role – this includes personal values and cultural fit. When you are hiring, you are bringing their personality and character into your business.

Although their technical knowledge may be exceptional and seem like a make or break at the time, whether your candidate is a good fit and has the drive and motivation to deliver is more important.

Personality traits such as coachability, emotional intelligence, and temperament are often overlooked. For this reason, it is extremely important during the interview process you spend as much time as you require to feel comfortable with the Talent face to face. Get to know the real person and whether you believe you can build a personal rapport and trust because without this, the relationship is doomed in the long-term.

If you would like to learn more about how to best manage your interview process, check out this article here. 

When it comes to employment, there are always two sides to the story. Employers are saying ‘Good talent is hard to find,’ while Talented job-seekers think ‘I can’t find a decent role.’ No matter which side you are on, finding good work and Talent is a difficult process.

If you need help with either side of the coin, contact us at C3Talent. 

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