Introducing C3Talent People & Culture

With our commitment to always making change for the better, we’re introducing our newest service offering: C3Talent People & Culture.

We know the power that an extraordinary People & Culture strategy can deliver. As your partner, C3Talent People & Culture strategically maximises your greatest asset—People—to grow a healthier, more sustainable and profitable business.

We partner with businesses of any size to:

  1. Benchmark and elevate your company culture
  2. Identify and solve problems in your teams
  3. Retain and develop your Talent
  4. Become more sustainable and profitable
  5. Embrace extraordinary change 
People + Potential = Performance

First and foremost, we believe that everyone has the right to enjoy their work and be their best, especially since we spend 1800 hours at work each year. A survey we conducted within our network revealed that only half of our placements right now will achieve this. While our new People & Culture offering is vital for the health and happiness of Talent, it also has incredible benefits for businesses:

  • Businesses are more profitable when their People are happy, healthy and productive.
  • Happy and engaged People stay longer in their roles, helping businesses avoid the costs and headaches associated with high staff turnover.
  • A positive team culture helps businesses attract not only new Talent, but the right Talent.
  • Businesses that are healthy on the inside, are healthy on the outside, with the positive effects filtering through to customers and clients.
  • A business is only as powerful as its People—they are your greatest advocates and determine your employer brand.
People & Culture post Covid

Covid has changed the way the world approaches work, and People & Culture has become even more important to Clients and Talent alike.

The pandemic has taught People to value their mental health, fight for flexibility and find a healthy work-life balance. We believe embracing this change is the best thing you can do as a business, especially in today’s Talent-short market.

Many businesses have begun by adopting a hybrid working model, allowing employees to split their time between on-site and remote working. Changes like these unleash incredible potential, but we know they also have their challenges. C3Talent People & Culture is here to help you every step of the way.

Change for the better is for every business

C3Talent People & Culture partners with:

  • Businesses of any size, from well-established organisations through to start-ups that want to get the right frameworks in place from the beginning.
  • Businesses at any stage of their People & Culture journey, whether they require an audit, a strategy, advice or all of the above.
Partner with changemakers

C3Talent People & Culture is led by ex Flight Centre Global Chief People Officer, Carole Cooper, and supported by C3Talent’s expertise in recruitment.

Carole Cooper has extensive experience in team leadership and People & Culture consulting, making a difference for organisations and their People for over three decades across 25 countries. During her time at Flight Centre, she co-founded Womenwise, an initiative that helps create gender balance in leadership roles.

She is passionate about making a positive impact and helping businesses write new chapters, helping them balance commercial reality with the potential of their People to deliver growth and profit.

Unlock your People & Culture potential

Most businesses say their People are important, but few live and breathe it in their culture. Our empathetic and expert outside perspective helps businesses assess the temperature of their team culture and implement strategies that work, while providing all the support they need.


Benchmarking through surveys, focus groups and in-office observations, C3Talent People & Culture will help determine areas of growth, whether it’s related to culture, retention, benefits, policies or something else.


Once we have identified the areas of growth, we work alongside your business to develop your people strategy aligned to your business strategy to achieve the strategic goals.


We go beyond finding problems and solutions, we are with you every step of the way. We can advise you on:

  • Leadership training
  • Culture (resign, mapping and improvement)
  • Hybrid teams
  • Coaching
  • Reward and recognition
  • Retention
  • Assessments using SHL technology
  • Onboarding
  • Salary reviews
  • Employer brand
  • HR express
  • Psychological safety
Get in touch with the C3Talent People & Culture team to see how our human approach to embracing change in your company culture can grow your business to new heights.

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