The importance of talking to your referees when job hunting

On this week’s video, we wanted to discuss the importance of talking to your referee before listing them in your CV and how this discussion, if well-structured will help you understand yourself better.  The advantage of this is that you can sell yourself better when looking for a new role due to greater self-awareness.

If you are applying for a new position, you will need to provide references, it’s common courtesy to let the referees know that they may be contacted. However, if you speak with your referees whilst you are preparing your CV it may help you get an interview in the first place, because you include more relevant information based on your discussion?

A great CV that stands out from others is actually a well-thought-out and constructed marketing document. The product that CV is marketing is you, as it highlights your skills, achievements, and qualities that your next potential employer is seeking when recruiting for a vacancy. In order to create the best marketing document, you must have a really good understanding of yourself and what you offer and be able to articulate it.

A conversation with your referees before preparing your CV, should result in you gaining a better understanding of yourself and your exceptional career attributes. A CV that weaves in the messages your referee will deliver, will establish integrity from the start of the recruitment process. It displays concrete evidence that your understand yourself and the value you bring to any workplace.

The one question to ask your referee is “what is the legacy you left behind from your time working for them?  Sit back and listen, you will learn and hear responses about yourself that in the majority of cases you may not be aware of, this helps you better write your CV.  Sure, you can ask other questions like – What were you particularly effective at? Did you meet expectations? How you were to managed and what you contributed to the team and overall business? The legacy question is so open ended you will learn a lot if you are prepared to ask it

By simply taking the time to talk to your referees during the preparation stage, people will leave a better impression on all through your effort and demonstrate enormous self-awareness This will improved your chances of getting an interview and being offered a new role!

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