The advantages of a performance profile in your hiring process

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On this week’s video, we discuss the importance of clearly documenting and defining what are the quantifiable measures of success in the role you are about to recruit for. Developing the key performance metrics will ensure the Talent you recruit is more closely aligned with your expectations and will reduce the risk of a bad recruit. 

When you are recruiting Talent, it is stating the obvious to say that there are different personality types needed for different businesses. When you recruit you want to have the newly recruited Talent perform better.  To do this effectively spend time to document a performance profile of what success in the role will deliver. This time spent at the start will ensure that you are clear on the skills and qualities you are seeking in any new recruit and you can better assess alignment with what the potential Talent offers. 

Time a person has spent in prior roles is rarely an indicator of what they can achieve for your business.  By documenting exactly what success will look like in the role, you clarify what you need, and you also make everyone else aware of it too. It reduces the risk of confusion or assumptions during a recruitment process. You will also be providing incoming Talent with clear and concise expectations of what they will be held accountable to deliver. This may mean that some, on paper, ideal Talent opts-out before your meet them, don’t fret if they self select out it is the right decision for you and them, as they don’t want to deliver what you have articulated. 

A performance profile should clearly define the key challenges to be encountered in the role. There should be KPIs attached to these that set out the key deliverables and what needs to be achieved and completed and within what timeframe. The greater clarity you can have in what you want achieved rather than must have 6 years relevant experience, the more successful you will be with your recruitment.

Documenting is important. It demonstrates to Talent that this is an important decision. By taking the time to clearly define the outcomes and the measures of success, you minimise the risk of your new Talent once hired saying they were unaware of those expectations. Sure they must bring the skills, and experience, but you also want to assess their personal qualities and attributes needed to succeed within your business and you can only do they successfully by taking the time to develop a performance profile. Spending this time initially will I assure you provide a better outcome in the long-term!

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