Jim Siganto

Talent Resourcer
Before entering the world of recruitment, Jim held various positions at a golf course, including serving as a bartender, labourer, and golf caddy. When he’s not working, you’ll often find Jim on the rugby field, proudly representing the University of Queensland football club, or diligently studying for his Bachelor of Business and Bachelor of Arts degrees. Jim embraces a different side of himself on weekends, eagerly navigating tennis courts and golf courses. Beyond his love for sports, his social calendar is filled with the joy of connecting with friends, creating a perfect balance between work and play.

Jim possesses a genuine appreciation for the opportunity to connect with new individuals, where he can gain insights into their unique skills, experiences, and personalities. He understands the profound impact that change can have on people’s lives and derives fulfillment from contributing to both the talent’s and clients’ transformative journeys, helping to shape the narrative of their next chapter. Having newly joined the team at C3Talent, Jim will work alongside our Senior Talent Advisors and assist with the recruitment of Graduates and transactional finance positions.