Emma Peacock

Talent Advisor
Emma graduated with a Bachelor of Business Management and Bachelor of Arts (Extended major in Psychology) from the University of Queensland (UQ). Following her studies, she embarked on her professional journey as a business graduate in the sea division of a supply chain and logistics firm. Emma’s blend of business acumen and psychological insight, coupled with her innate customer-centric, human, and curious nature, naturally gravitated her towards the realm of recruitment.

Prior to joining C3Talent, Emma held the role of Consultant at a leading global recruitment agency. Specialising in the accounting and finance sector, she offered tailored solutions, ranging from temporary placements to permanent hires, leveraging her skills to comprehend and cater to each client’s unique requirements. Throughout her tenure, Emma adeptly managed the entire recruitment lifecycle, guiding clients in locating, securing, and nurturing top-tier Talent.

Today, as a Talent Advisor at C3Talent, Emma harnesses her comprehensive understanding and extensive network within the local market to identify and engage with exceptional candidates. She continues to prioritise a customer-centric approach, driven by her intrinsic curiosity and genuine interest in understanding individuals’ needs and aspirations.

A sample of organisations Emma has recruited for include: Anteris Technologies, Integratedliving Australia, Pacific Optics, Smarte, Canegrowers Australia, Ohana Education, Batchfire Resources, JD Refrigerated Transport

Outside of work, Emma finds joy in activities such as reformer Pilates, leisurely walks with her furry companion, and exploring new destinations through travel.