How to choose the right recruitment agency for you

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For this week’s video, we wanted to discuss how important it is to choose the right agency when seeking new Talent for your business. 

We would like to help you the hiring manager choose the right agency to find the right talent ,otherwise it will be a costly and time consuming exercise leaving not only you frustrated and also impact upon your team and broader business.  

It is easy to blame the agency you are working with when things go wrong, however like any decision, it is prudent to do your due diligence and ensure that you give yourself, your team and your business the best chance of making the right talent decision. 

Our advice is it to partner with one agency not go to multiple agencies but choose the right agency.  Find the agency that you feel comfortable with, have a track record of success in your area of interest, will run a through process, have well developed networks and relevant contacts and of course will act professionally and with integrity.  

It is not difficult in the Brisbane market to quickly shortlist the suitable agencies for your business. Discuss it with your work colleagues, other industry peers, HR, externa advisers, ask management and even Board Members that you know. 

Which agencies have they had the most success with, who would they recommend and why?

We believe that you need to focus not only the reputation of the agency, but of equal importance you need to focus on the reputation and track record of the individual consultant. 


Meet with the consultant and ask them

  • How many years have they worked in this space?
  • How many similar roles have they filled?
  • Which roles, which companies?
  • How well networked are they, how do they typically source the right talent?
  • Do they really have exceptional networks? 
  • Do they have profound industry knowledge or are going to place an ad on the internet, cross their fingers and hope they get a result?


Check the thoroughness of the recruitment process.

  • What steps do they take?
  • How do they represent your organization and brand?
  • How many candidates will they contact?
  • How many people will they meet?
  • What background checks do they follow?

If you ask these basic questions and check your thinking with your work colleagues and peers, then you have at least put a little rigour around the process and are able to identify the right agency and the right consultant in that agency to source the best talent for your business.

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