How a move can advance your professional career

On this week’s video, we are going to discuss the reasons to consider when thinking about moving workplaces. How can you guarantee if you do decide to leave your employer, that the decision is the right one and leads to your advancing your career, not causing it to retreat?

There are numerous reasons you might be thinking it is time for a change in job or even career. A redundancy may have forced it on you. You feel undervalued or taken advantage of. You might have stagnated and feel your skills aren’t growing. You are simply bored or are doing uninteresting work. It may simply be money and that you are feeling like you’re being paid your worth.

Before looking for a new role, you take a minute to establish the motivation and drivers behind why you want the change. You must be able to articulate why you’re moving and your rationale for it because you will be asked why you desire a change during any recruitment process. Be clear on why you are leaving, but more so what you desire and want from a new role that will make you happier. Because if you don’t know what you want, it’s going to be very difficult for any new role to satisfy your desires. The worst mistake you can make moves employers, jobs or even change careers and you end up feeling exactly the same as you do in your current position.

To reduce your risk when making a change, talk with the hiring manager about their expectations of what they wanted delivered in the role and how they will measure success. Identify with them exactly what they want achieved and their expectations for you, if they don’t match, don’t move. Don’t be overbearing or demanding, just nicely seek to truly understand what the role requires, so you can make an informed decision as to whether this new opportunity is right for you.  It is your career and you are ultimately the person solely responsible for developing it.  No one owes you anything, leave your sense of entitlement at the door.

Continually seeking to growing your skills, which will help further develop your career should be a key driving factor in any career move. If you know your priorities, then the chances are when you make a move and accept a new challenge it will be an excellent one that will advance your career. If not a potential opportunity does not meet your criteria for advancement, do not take because the upheaval, both emotionally and physically when  moving demands you make the right move!



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