Defining the USP of your business

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In this video, we discuss the importance of defining the Unique Selling Proposition for your business. USPs create awareness about the benefits of working for your company. Why are they important? They will attract and get Talent excited about the prospect of working for you. 

It’s a two-way street when it comes to your next recruit. You obviously want to employ the best Talent for your role, the ideal team player. However, the best Talent in the market today has options and wants to know why they should join you. Can you articulate the benefits your business offers? What makes your company special and inspires your staff to continue to come to work each day?

It amazes me how few business owners can articulate their USP’s succinctly and articulately. They are unable to be transparent about the standout benefits they offer. However, it should be instinctive and natural. Because if you have a great awareness of your business and its USPs this will help to attract the best Talent. 

In your meeting with potential Talent, it’s important you are truthful, genuine and open. The clarity of knowing your business and what’s unique about it means your ability to recruit the right Talent will increase. You articulating your USPs will improve the cultural fit of incoming Talent because those not attracted to your USPs will not come.  So, your percentage of recruits that remain longer will improve. 

Work out your unique business benefits? Be able to explain your culture? What do you offer above award remuneration? Do you offer extra days off or shorter working hours? Flexible workplace agreements? Do you have a take your pet to work day? Don’t assume everyone knows what they are, be proud and tell them what you offer

Spend time to define and clarify your USPs, so when you meet Talent, you can seamlessly sell them on the great things your business offers, because remember no one else is going to do it for you. Explain your values and how they are real and aligned with the reality of your work place. If you can succinctly do this, your chances of recruiting the best Talent will be enhanced. The Talent attracted by your USP will usually be an excellent fit for your business and add value through their exceptional performance. Your core USPs are in your DNA, be aware of them and tell people about them, it will attract them to your business! It might even increase your sales – try it and see

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